A major goal of the PSA is to organize events for socializing, networking, career building, or just for fun. Below are descriptions of the types of events the PSA has organized. All the work is done by Postdocs like you who volunteer their time. If you’d like to help out, attend a PSA meeting to find out how.

PSA General Meetings
PSA holds monthly meetings, at alternating campus locations (Mission Bay and Parnassus campi). The meetings are open to all postdocs to meet current PSA organizers, hear what the PSA has planned or to get involved in events and issues important to postdocs. Usually held on the first week of every month at lunch time, including free lunch.

Practice of Science (PofS)
Seminar Series devoted to introducing Postdocs to career paths in academia, industry, and other scientific professions.

Mentoring Events
These events encourage Postdoctoral Scholars to explore career options and cultivate career networks with scientists/ UCSF alumni from local academic institutions and industries. Individual representatives of scientific career paths are selected by the Postdoctoral Scholars and invited to share their personal experiences and insight into a specific field over dinner or as a seminar.
If you have any suggestions for a postdoc mentoring event, please email us.

Wine and Cheese Socials
These social events provide a unique opportunity for postdocs at each of the UCSF campuses to come together and network with their fellow postdocs. The forum enables postdoctoral scholars to socialize with colleagues they might not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. Recently, the PSA has extended the invitation for these social events to include faculty members in an effort to encourage postdoc and faculty networking and foster positive professional relationships.

Monthly Postdoc Social hour
In an effort to bring together the many Postdocs at UCSF, the PSA organizes coffee hours at the Parnassus and MB campuses.

Outdoor Programs
Provide opportunity for postdocs to socialize enjoying outdoor activities. Past events have included:
Sailing trips
Bay Area Hikes
Moonlight kayaking
Tahoe ski trips: 2010
Bike rides: 2008

Dim Sum outings

National Postdoc Appreciation Day (NPAD)


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